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Very few insurance companies have such a great track record of having excellent cover, competitive prices and easy to deal with. Ours does! 


Why is travel insurance important?

When it comes to booking a holiday, insurance is important for the get-go. Although we never plan for things to go wrong, sometimes they do. With a great range of cover available, including add-ons, travel insurance gives you a peace of mind from the moment you book your holiday, and throughout your holiday itself. 

What is this type of Insurance?

This is travel insurance which offers a choice of cover levels, on a single trip or annual multi-trip basis, to cover you while travelling, for various events such as: medical emergencies; delayed or missed departures; cancelling or cutting short your journey; delayed possessions and lost or stolen possessions.

Where am I covered?

You can select the area of cover that is most appropriate for your travel plans. Cover will not apply if you travel outside the area that you have chosen. The area you have chosen will be shown on your insurance confirmation.

You will not be covered if you travel to or choose to remain in a country or region where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against all travel or all but essential travel or where you have travelled against the advice of the local authority at your journey destination. For further details, visit

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