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The top 10 tourist areas in Spain to inspire you this summer

The top 10 cities and regions in Spain, based on confirmed online bookings with stay dates for this summer, between 15 June and 25 August, are a combination of well-known and predictable locations along with a few surprises in the ranking.

Cantabria, northern Iberian Peninsula

The ranking opens with Cantabria, northern Iberian Peninsula, an emerging destination in recent years for its moderate climate and beautiful scenery, very different from the Mediterranean. Santander, the capital, is a port on the Bay of Biscay, known for its long, curving El Sardinero Beach, and Cabo Mayor lighthouse. In the forested Cantabrian Mountains, Picos de Europa National Park has hiking trails and ski areas.

Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost region

In second place is Andalucia which is Spain's southernmost region, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea in the east to the Portuguese border in the west. If you’re looking for quintessential Spain, you’ll find it here – Moorish castles, hillside pueblo blancos, and gorgeous sandy beaches all vie for your attention. It’s great for experiencing Spanish traditions, too – bullfighting and flamenco both originated here.

 The Balearic Islands
The Balearic Islands

The top three is completed by The Balearic Islands. The vast majority of holidays to the Balearic Islands revolve around the beach. Dig a bit deeper, though, and you'll find everything from rugged mountain ranges to prehistoric ruins. There are plenty of reasons why the Balearic Islands are such a hit with British holidaymakers. Just off Spain’s east coast, these islands serve up everything from lively beaches and world-class clubs to prehistoric ruins and picturesque countryside.

Also seen in the list is Castilla y León, which is the biggest surprise. The Community of Madrid, Catalonia, Malaga and the Canary Islands, which are more predictable, close the list:

  1. Cantabria

  2. Andalusia

  3. Balearic Islands

  4. Valencian Community

  5. Galicia

  6. Castilla y León

  7. Community of Madrid

  8. Catalonia

  9. Malaga

  10. Canary Isles

Source: The Eviivo hotel reservation management system

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