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Ponteland Travel joins Tree-Nation in a partnership to fight climate change

Climate change is potentially the most devastating and hardest problem that we have faced during our existence. The wildfires in Rhodes this month are a stark reminder that climate change is coming faster than we might think. Fires have been spreading across the Greek Island of Rhodes, resulting in tourists being evacuated from a number of hotels. In some cases, private boats have been helping the coastguard rescue people from beaches as wildfires approached. According to one of Greece's top meteorologists, this could turn into one of the country's hottest July in 50 years.

The impacts of global warming such as decreased harvests, increased floods, droughts, extreme weather events, desertification, and the displacement of hundreds of millions of people are happening now. The world is only progressively moving towards eco-friendly solutions, allowing for decades to pass before we truly stop releasing greenhouse gasses and stop making the problem worse.

In addition to all of this, trees, our primary allies in the fight against climate change, are being cut down at alarming rates. In 2021, it was estimated that 15 billion trees are cut down every year to make space for the production of crops that are used for consumer products, or to make space for cattle ranching in order to produce more meat.

In July 2023 Ponteland Travel joined Tree-Nation in a partnership to fight climate change and to help our customers travel responsibly. We have committed to plant 2 trees for each traveller that books with us, meaning customers can enjoy their travels knowing that they are also giving back to the planet in the process. To kick off our forest we've planted trees for all customers who have travelled since January 2023, visit our forest at to see our impact.


Tree-Nation was founded in 2006 by Maxime Renaudin. From one single project in the driest and poorest country on earth, Niger, the project quickly evolved to help local teams of planters around the world.

Tree-Nation has been constantly innovating and is the creator of many tools that are now commonly used by other NGOs in our sector. In particular Tree-Nation invented the virtual tree, then the online forest and many other software tools in order to provide a unique technological solution aimed at breaking the distance between remote projects and their sponsors in developed countries.

Recognized internationally and becoming an official partner of the UNEP in 2007, Tree-Nation has evolved to help +15,000 companies and more than half a million users to plant more than 20 million trees in +60 reforestation projects in 6 continents.

To stop climate change we need to stop deforestation

Climate Change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions, of which CO2 is by far the most important one. Did you know that deforestation is responsible of 17% of these CO2 emissions?

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it. A single tree can offset up to 250 Kg of CO2 during its lifespan.


Pollution is the number one cause of death in developing countries. Trees absorb CO2 and other dangerous gasses and, in turn, replenish the atmosphere with oxygen.

Species extinction

30% of fauna and 60% of flora species are on the brink of mass-extinction. Forests host most of our biodiversity. Uncontroled deforestation is the main cause of species extinction.


Responsible for thousands of deaths and billions of $ in losts assets. Trees prevent flooding by trapping water with their roots while limiting land erosion and avoiding landslides.


One billion people are under threat from desertification, one of the main cause of poverty. Trees are a natural barrier upon desertification and they avoid land degradation.

Food shortage

700 million people suffer chronic malnutrition. Tree food products complement agricultural crops and provide important micronutrients. Thanks to their deep roots trees are more resilient to droughts and floods, providing essential food access in famine periods.

Poverty and Migrations

2.7 billion people live on less than $2 a day. Agro-forestry & reforestation increase land productivity, create jobs and bring a secure, diversified source of income. Conservation of land productivity is key to avoid mass migration and humanitarian/economical crisis.

Ponteland Travel have joined Tree-Nation so that we can support them to create high standard sustainable forestry and agro-forestry projects. And spread the best practices so that, in the end, more trees are planted than cut.

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