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Discover AlUla

Undiscovered, unmatched and tucked away in the northwest corner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, AlUla is a region of extraordinary cultural and natural heritage.

Undiscovered AlUla

An expansive, open-air, living museum, it is home to a series of fascinating historical and archaeological sites that span over 200,000 years of human history and ancient civilizations, all the way back to the stone age. Dramatic tombs, incredible rock formations and Saudi’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site sit alongside lush date palms and AlUla’s Old Town. Boutique, unique and unearthed for centuries, this sublime region is now ready to share its story to only a handful of discerning adventurers.

Heritage Hotspots

With evidence of human evidence dating back to the 1st millennium BC, the remarkable site of Hegra is Saudi’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to over 110 remarkably well-preserved tombs in which the Nabataean elite were laid to rest. Journey back in time to marvel at these incredible tombs, join a rock art trail or cycle between the landmarks – which include the Hijaz Railway station, home to a train from a time when merchants and Makkah-bound pilgrims traversed the land. Elsewhere in AlUla, Dadan is an ancient, stone-carved city in which more ancient tombs are carved into the red rock face, whilst nearby Jabal Ikmah is known as an ‘open library’, home to thousands of inscriptions that date back as far as the 1st millennium BC!

Nature and Sustainability

Monumental rock formations include the iconic Elephant Rock, the bowling pin-shaped Jar Rock, the bridge like Rainbow Rock (home to semi-precious diamonds), and the mind-blowing Dancing Rocks that appear to sway together in unison. Set within the remote desert landscape, Gharameel is home to extraordinary sandstone formations, whilst promising sublime sunsets and some of the planet’s best stargazing. Lush, fertile and filled with life, the Oasis of AlUla is an area of greenery amid the sprawling desert, and has given life to AlUla’s residents, visitors, flora and fauna for millennia. Set across nearly 600 square miles of canyons, desert and valleys, the Sharaan Nature Reserve aims to conserve and protect the precious AlUla ecosystem. When it does open to visitors (on carefully considered tours with expert wildlife rangers) you can uncover an abundance of incredible wildlife – including red-necked ostriches, Nubian ibex and graceful gazelles.

Drown in the history in Dadan, a pre-Arabic oasis city
Dadan and Jabal Ikhmah

Local Living

For an authentic glimpse into the AlUla way of life, pay a visit to the charming AlUla Town, which became an essential part of the Islamic pilgrimage route from Damacus to Makkah back in the 12th century. Join a trained local guide to explore its winding alleyways, mudbrick houses, traditional shops and rahbas (town squares), before meeting the locals, perusing the handicrafts and sampling the cuisine at its evolving market. More local encounters await at the Oasis of AlUla – whether sampling fresh dates from the millions of palms, or seeing traditional farms in action.

Arabian Adventures

AlUla’s dramatic landscape, serene beauty and hidden valleys make for an abundance of transformative adventures. Soar over rock formations by helicopter, hike beneath the stars, cross the desert on horseback, take to the dunes by cycle at sunset, or race to a speed of over 100km/h by zipline through the AlUla mountains.

Authentic heritage of AlUla Old Town and AlJadidah
AlUla Old Town and AlJadidah

For more information or to book a unique trip to this undiscovered part of the world visit us in store or call us on 01661 871219.

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